Consent to Electronic Records

Please read this information carefully and print a copy and/or retain this information electronically for future reference.

Introduction.  In using this website,, and our services, you may receive certain electronic documents (“Records”), to review, acknowledge or sign. These Records may include, but are not limited to: any notices such as an adverse action notice or privacy policy notice. By consenting below, you acknowledge receipt of this Consent to Electronic Records and agree to the electronic delivery of Records to the email address you provide to us.

Hardware and Software Requirements. Before agreeing to receive Records electronically, you must determine if you have the necessary hardware and software to access and retain these Records electronically. To access your Records, and a personal computer or other access device which is capable of accessing the Internet. To retain your Records, your access device must have the ability to either download to your hard drive or any external media storage, or to print the Records.

Right to Withdraw Consent and Procedures for Withdrawal and Updating.  You may withdraw your consent to receive your Records electronically at any time and update the information we use to contact you electronically by emailing info@Your and withdrawing your consent or providing your updated information. If you decide to withdraw your consent, the service cannot be provided to you.

Consent Applies to Your Use of Our Website and Any Transaction With Us.  Your Consent to Electronic Records applies to your use of our website and any transaction with us which gives rise to our obligation to provide the Records you will receive from us or our affiliated Dealers/Creditors, electronically through this website or the email address you provided.

Right to Paper Records and Copies of Records. You have the right to have the Records provided to you in non-electronic form. If you wish to obtain the Records in paper form, contact for forms provided from us and the Dealer/Creditor directly for correspondence originating from them.  A paper copy of the Record will be provided to you at no charge.