Will I need a Down Payment?

Every buyer is different. At YourApproved.com we are able to help people get an auto loan with little down, sometimes even $0 down. We want to help you purchase a vehicle. We do have loan programs that will allow us to offer loans to buyers with bankruptcies. Often, the lowest down payment options are not on a vehicle that may be your first choice. As a buyer, you’ll need to decide where your priorities lay. Is it to buy the vehicle of your dreams, no matter the down payment? Is it to buy a reliable vehicle with not much money down and a low monthly payment? Answering these questions will help you determine which loan program will work best for you.


What Kind of Interest Rate am I looking at?

There are lots of factors that go into figuring out an auto loan interest rate. Including but not limited to: your desired vehicle’s year, make and model, your credit score, the length of your loan, the amount of money you’re putting down on the vehicle you wish to purchase, and more. Auto loan interest rates change daily. Lenders are constantly modifying their guidelines to keep in line with the current economic conditions that borrowers face.


Can I get a Car if I have Really Bad Credit?

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your situation. We can help you. The only way to figur out exactly what kind of vehicle or loan you qualify for is to apply. If you call us we’ll be more than happy to discuss your questions or concerns. YourApproved.com works to help people with all types of credit get approved and get on the road. We have experience working with people going through Bankruptcy, repossession, divorce, charge-offs, collections and judgements. We can help you get approved.


Why do I need to have references?

There is a direct correlation between the number of references a lender collects vs. the reliability of the borrower making repayment. When you are late making an auto payment the first thing a lender does is call you. Then they start calling the friends and family you have listed. If the loan is a couple months late, they start driving by your house and your references house looking for you or their car so they can repossess it. IF you provide more people as references, they have more places to look which provides them less risk. People who provide references usually are more likely to pay their auto loans because they care about what their friends and family think about them.


What happens if I do not meet the standards of a  conventional auto loan?

YOURAPPROVED.COM only teams up with certified, licensed loan providers across the area and takes out the process of wasting hours in a waiting room. We try to get you to a specialist as close as possible to your location for traveling ease. We also have programs in place incase one does not meet the standard requirements of a conventional auto loan to still get into a car. Just reach back out to us and we will Immediately start working on your case.

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