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Once you complete our simple auto financing request form, your information is sent to our direct  partners where you could get approved for auto financing while visiting a dealership. This puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to negotiate your car purchase like a cash buyer.

In addition, we’ll forward your information to one of our participating local auto dealers who work with car finance companies that specialize in bad credit auto financing. Compare financing terms and choose what works best for you!
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What Type Of Credit Do I Need To Get Buy A Car? works to help people with all types of credit get approved and get on the road. We have experience working with people going through Bankruptcy, repossession, divorce, charge-offs, collections and judgements. We can help you get approved.


Do I Qualify For Subprime Financing?

You may be wondering if you and your less-than-perfect credit score qualify for bad credit car loans. There are so many types of loans out there, and our dealerships have a high rate of approval, so you can rest assured you are in capable hands. Many people with financial mishaps qualify for some type of loan, and our team of finance specialist will do all the work to provide all the options out there so you can drive home in that vehicle today. Our team will work with you no matter what you have on your credit report, even:

We understand that life happens, and sometimes falling behind on payments is unavoidable. Our new and used dealerships believes all drivers deserve a second chance at financing regardless of what their credit report holds! YourApproved is eager to provide you with the second chance at financing you deserve. Contact our friendly dealerships all over the Tri – State Area today to learn more. We are always thrilled to welcome our customers and will happily provide you with the information you seek. Don’t let divorce proceedings or bankruptcy filings affect your financial future and dictate your purchases, get bad credit financing with help from YourApproved today!


Applying For Bad Credit Car Loans Onsite Or Online?

Our dealerships have made it easy for drivers to apply for subprime auto loans! Visit one of our finance department to sit down with one of our associates today. We’ll go over the loan application and the steps involved in the process, answering any questions along the way. If you’d rather fill out your application from the privacy of your home – no problem, YourApproved has made a secure credit application available right here on this website! Answer simple questions, click submit and sit back to relax. Our team will review your information as soon as it is received and get to work, contacting the many lenders we work with to ensure we are covering all loan possibilities.


Alternative Auto Financial Services

Many assessments of the users of alternative financial services focus on whether individuals are “banked” or not, that is whether individuals have access to checking, savings, or other transaction accounts at a bank, savings and loan, credit union or other federal or state regulated banking organizations. As part of their periodic assessment of family finances, the Federal Reserve estimated that in 2001 some 12.7 percent of all American households did not have a checking account, while 9.1 percent did not have any type of transaction account whatsoever. Among families without a checking account in 2001, 50.4 percent reported having had such an account in the past. Though still high, these most recent figures present a slight decline from figures recorded in 1998 and a more substantial decline since 1992 when fully 16.6 percent of families lacked a checking account, and nearly 13 percent had no transaction account. 

Various studies also examine how those consumers without a checking, savings, or other transaction account go about obtaining basic financial services including cashing checks, paying bills, and sending wire transfers to family and friends. Though many of the “unbanked” utilize the services of check cashing operations (CCOs) and other alternative financial services providers, somewhat surprisingly, several of these studies note that significant shares of “banked” individuals also frequent these AFSPs.